Skiing involves exercise for the body and mind. It takes you to wild and excellent places. It puts you in touch with great people. It humbles you. It offers unforeseen adventure. It stokes your ego when you get to ski hero snow and it can throw you around when conditions are difficult. It is a learning process that starts and never ends. It is seasonal, it's 100% outdoors, it's weather dependant, it's fitness oriented, young and old can do it and when we do it well, it makes us happy!

For me skiing offers a brilliant challenge to try and capture this fast moving ephemeral sport in the lens. Forecasting good weather, snow, light, angles, athletes, terrain and equipment is exciting. I am looking forward to the next ski adventure!

See some of my favorite ski images below.

View ski images from 2009 here.

Adam Mckenney skis above 8-mile Lake with Mt. Stuart in the backdrop -->


Birdman tests snow quality on the West Ridge of Cannon.

Nisqually Glacier, Mt. Rainier.

Birdman skis with Colchuck Peak in the background.

Rex Flake styles the panel under Argonaut Peak.

Erik Svege ripping the West Face of Argonaut.

Rex Flake surfs Rooster Comb Ridge.

Unknown Rider goes big on Rooster Comb Ridge.

Adam Mckenney finds soft snow on Cowboy Ridge.

Erik looking into the Nisqually Glacier.

Erik climbing the lower pitches of the Success Couloir on Mt. Rainier.

Zachary Getsinger gets up really early to catch spines and first light on Cowboy Ridge @ Stevens Pass.